Productive Yet Empty

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Today, I feel like I’m devouring content.

Perhaps, it was due to the unusually long morning I have spent in the garden, with a cup of coffee on one hand and a book on the other. To be completely honest, I am both thrilled and terrified to put down this book for eternity. I suspect it was due to the inexplicable longing for kind hearts and clear wisdom which are present in the story. Oh, never had I imagined myself excitedly turning the pages of a classic!

More than these, I have to make content — I feel the need to add value through emphasizing its good points and criticizing the not-so-desirable ones. Unfortunately, I have a lot to say yet do not know where to start. I scribbled some paragraphs earlier but was too distracted with overflowing noise in my mind that led me to stop writing.

And so, I devoured yet another content.

I watched a two-hour children’s movie. To my surprise, I felt not even a minute of boredom abide my prejudice for “cartoon films”, that is, deeming them unfit for my taste at this age in life. Apparently, the movie even left me with a lot of questions in mind. Those, I have to write. And so I tried… And then felt the need again to stop.

In the evening, I devoured from the same source of content I had in the morning.

Now, it feels overwhelming. After all, my original plan was to study French and then, review my German. That could have made four contents in a day and I already feel so full with two. My German book is lying beside me now yet I feel empty so as to start filling my mind with yet another content.

This day was productive yet for some reason, I am sober and empty. I hope sleep comes now to comfort me.


3 thoughts on “Productive Yet Empty

  1. I can relate Teacher Camille 😂.
    In my case, I am doing things like reading and watching all day. I do post a content per day and read blogs yet at the end of the day I feel anxious. Might be the quarantine anxiety, eh? Anyway, I will be taking an important exam in few months from now but I find it hard to pick my materials 😂.

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    1. Right, it might simply be because of the lockdown. And it’s totally normal to feel anxious during these difficult times. I feel you man, I need to study too but it’s just hard with everything that’s happening. But meh, we’ll carry on and I know we can do this! Good luck on that exam, fighting! 🙂


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