Secret Quarantine Files

This is a mini write-up showcasing another day in quarantine of a less fortunate individual. I decided to personally translate the message into three languages. I have one gentle reminder though before we start reading: It doesn’t hurt to check our privilege. I believe that we need empathy more than anything during these difficult times. English … Continue reading Secret Quarantine Files

A closer look on ourselves

Paulo Coelho nailed it: The Winner Stands Alone is indeed “a crude portrait of where we are now”. It’s been a long time since I took a break from reading genres like this but my return is definitely worth it.  So, what made me pick this book among the hundreds in the shelves? For one, … Continue reading A closer look on ourselves

When to say Yes

Tinybuddha.com almost never fails me. I decided to visit the site to find calmness amidst my bad morning and voilà, the first feature article I found was How to Stop Agreeing to Things That Aren’t Good for You by Hailey Magee which exactly responds to the answers I was looking for. I would like to … Continue reading When to say Yes

Let’s Ponder

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