Finding Answers to Your Everyday Questions

This scene from Sex Education perfectly captures my feelings recently — “This fucking pressure!” Source:

Today, I find the need to rewrite on my journal which I bring with me everyday. Yet, I only open it when I have to revisit my thoughts or when my mind messes up with me. When the latter happens, I have to write down the stream of thoughts and emotions in order to keep sane. Earlier, I wrote about my feelings, which I identified was, anger.

I’m so mad — mad about not being able to follow my schedule, mad about somebody’s attitude, mad about the time, space, and energy I lack in order to accomplish tasks. Abide all these, I received yet another pressure this morning! My schedule was threatened not to be followed again. Luckily, I was saved by the urge to do the things that I have to do; I was able to say “no” even though it was hard in the given circumstances. 

When I needed guidance and clarity of thoughts, I look for articles which may help me. Before, I used to do Bible devotions but I stopped when I felt like I needed another source of calmness. Upon surfing the net, I feel blessed to discover because they have feature articles from time to time that I believe, match my needs everytime I visit the said site. You see, I believe that this type of coincidence is not necessarily a miracle — it is just the Universe conspiring to give your needs after really feeling that you will receive the answers in whichever form you want to. It worked for me when I randomly opened a book of Chicken Soup for the Soul from our library; it worked for me when I used to find wisdom from the Bible and now, it’s working for me through the said website. 

This morning was no difference — I was able to understand myself better through one of the featured articles from entitled How to Stop Agreeing to Things That Aren’t Good for You by Hailey Magee. I find that there are lots of ideas to reflect upon this that will surely help our everyday journey. Please feel free to join me in learning from the points presented in it through this blog that I entitled “When To Say Yes”. 

The Bible, some books, and online articles have greatly helped me in managing daily challenges, no matter how big or small. There are thousands of sources out there that can help bring back our peace of mind. We all have a unique list of the activities that we do or stuff that we read but here’s the catch: it may or may not work for others even though they are going through the same challenges. Good thing is, even if this list and these things are personal, we can always try new methods by discovering other people’s stress-managing styles. 

Have a good day and a great life! ❤

8 thoughts on “Finding Answers to Your Everyday Questions

    1. Hello there, Sheryl! I really find your blogs interesting. I’m also a language enthusiast and it’s so inspiring to read about your Japanese 😀 Also, thank you! ❤


    1. Happy to follow and read your thoughts, Ena! Thank you for inspiring people, especially women! And oh, your confidence makes you even prettier. 😀 Have a great day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It works very well for me. When I read posts and stories that are full of wisdom, I believe I’m feeding my subconscious as well. That way, I’d have a better outlook in life. 🙂 How about you, what approach best works for you?


      1. If I can do something about a problem, then I do.
        If I can’t, I tend to walk or swim, and let my mind work on things other than the issue at hand.
        But I live a fairly relaxed life, I don’t often get stressed in the first place.


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