We better narrate a good future

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

If I remember correctly, the first time I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was last 2017. I grabbed the copy from our school library and read it there from time to time. I can say that I was able to apply its teachings around a month after. I was a work in progress but somehow along the way, I stopped. I went back to pity partying.

Flash forward to 2020, I am currently re-reading the section about not being defined by our past. I realized that for the past years, I have been blaming the events in my life that made it turn sour. I have a mini-timeline in my mind that’s simply about how my life was perfect and how I was very content with everything before “the turning point” and then, how miserable I was after. And I’m still stuck with feeling miserable most of the time!

But now, I am reminded of what the real problem is: although I was longing to go back to the old, happy me, I was thinking and doing otherwise. You see, I was stucked with just longing for that version of me but never really striving to be.

And so, what should I do now? What’s the best response?

I can say that in order to achive our goals and who we want to be, we should focus our mind on the things that we want:

Want to loose weight? Then think of achieving that perfect weight for you and stop saying, “I don’t want to get fat!”

Want those high grades? Then start studying and really enjoy the process of learning instead of fearing, “I don’t want to get low grades!”

Want that best partner in life? Then get yourself used to being loved and cared for instead of thinking, “I don’t want to end up with someone who’s just gonna hurt me!”

You see, the problem is that we fear so much the things that we do not want. We are emitting that negative energy, and by thinking of it so much, we get it as much. Why don’t we say loud and clear the things that we want? And then, really feel that we already have them. Through this, the process of achieving our goals will become effortless.

Prentice Mulford has perfectly put this idea into words:

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