Qu’est-il arrivé à vos rêves ? / What happened to your dreams?

This article is originally written in French. However, as requested, I translated it into English which is available below! Yup, scroll a little more… just right after the French version.  Enjoy reading! I wish we all make our dreams come true. 💛  FRENCH Quand j’étais petite, je me souviens avoir dit que je voulais être … Continue reading Qu’est-il arrivé à vos rêves ? / What happened to your dreams?

Secret Quarantine Files

This is a mini write-up showcasing another day in quarantine of a less fortunate individual. I decided to personally translate the message into three languages. I have one gentle reminder though before we start reading: It doesn’t hurt to check our privilege. I believe that we need empathy more than anything during these difficult times. English … Continue reading Secret Quarantine Files

Comment être étudiant(e) ?

This is my first blog in French. To all the Francophones, please feel free to correct me if you see any grammatical errors. I know it might take a while but I’m doing my best to polish my French. So I’d be more than happy to hear your comments and suggestions. Enjoy reading!

Birthday Lockdown!

Almost all the world is on lockdown today and for birthday celebrants like me, it might be a unique experience. I’m kinda introverted so to be honest, I don’t usually throw parties during my birthday. Rather, I sit on a café and read a book. And that’s what exactly I did last year. Given so, … Continue reading Birthday Lockdown!

When to say Yes almost never fails me. I decided to visit the site to find calmness amidst my bad morning and voilà, the first feature article I found was How to Stop Agreeing to Things That Aren’t Good for You by Hailey Magee which exactly responds to the answers I was looking for. I would like to … Continue reading When to say Yes

Productive Yet Empty

Today, I feel like I’m devouring content. Perhaps, it was due to the unusually long morning I have spent in the garden, with a cup of coffee on one hand and a book on the other. To be completely honest, I am both thrilled and terrified to put down this book for eternity. I suspect … Continue reading Productive Yet Empty

We better narrate a good future

The problem is that we fear so much the things that we do not want. But what if we say loud and clear those that we want?

A Bottle of Smiles

Wait a minute… I want to write something today because I’m sad. I got disappointed with someone and you see, I think people usually bring out their best creative juices when they’re down. Nevertheless, in a very unexpected circumstance, I am typing right now with a smile on my face. To the person who disappointed … Continue reading A Bottle of Smiles

To The Woman I Look Up To

Dearest, I’m glad you said no. You didn’t mind the bullies out there – the hell they were making for you inside the four corners of that room. You threw away the fear of being left behind when your friends flew to a distant land. You didn’t mind your momma beating you up to be … Continue reading To The Woman I Look Up To

My Redeemer Lives!

Thank You, Lord, for making me beautiful. Thank You for adorning me with elegance and showering blessings upon blessings in my life. Thank You for being faithful when here I am again, a great sinner before You, who turned my back to wander in this vast universe. On my journey, I used Your blessings to … Continue reading My Redeemer Lives!

Let us not wait for too late


“What would I say to him if we could relive his last year? What do I comprehend now that I didn’t even fathom before he died?

I would say that his own healing had to come before he could heal others; that society and family responsibilities are utterly irrelevant when weighed against the glorious gift of his life. I’d encourage him to leave school and his professional life and embark on his own spiritual quest to find the peace that I have learned is possible.” – The Gift of Compassion from Chicken Soup for the Soul (Grieving and Recovery)

Three Weeks After The Breakup

Yes, I admit I am so bitter about this. Yet I also know that I have to embrace this bitterness and fully accept and cry out all the pain so I could fully move on. I must accept that for days, I could not eat nor sleep properly because it’s a damn part of the aftershock. I must accept that for several days, I could not do anything productive when I am alone. I must accept that I crave for things to distract me from the pain. And the worst part of it, I must accept that people are not always there to comfort me when I needed it most.

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