Secret Quarantine Files

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

This is a mini write-up showcasing another day in quarantine of a less fortunate individual. I decided to personally translate the message into three languages.

I have one gentle reminder though before we start reading: It doesn’t hurt to check our privilege. 
I believe that we need empathy more than anything during these difficult times.


After all, this is the international language.

I’m so exhausted. I simply wanted to read and write peacefully — when did it become so luxurious to ask? Mr. Krabs was so noisy on TV, ranting something about money. 

Ahh, I really love this book! Hope I can read it continuously. 

Oh no, our neighbor’s child is crying.  Lil’ bro’s driving around the living room, in his mini-bike. A motorcycle stopped by the gate. Mom’s sweeping the bathroom floor. 

Oh there, I’ve got something to write! 

Aw, lost it, Spongebob suddenly laughed. I’m sitting on this cold floor, lucky to have an electric fan near me, no matter how hot it blows. All of these, every single day, in this crappy little space. It gets narrower and narrower; it frightens me day by day.

I want to be free from this suffocating space. I want to breathe. But it scares me to think that perhaps, that freedom can only be attained on my last breath.


Pourquoi pas en français, c’est une langue très sophistiqué quand même.

Je suis très fatigué. Je voudrais simplement lire et écrit sereinement — depuis quand a-t-il devenu luxueux de demander ? M. Krabs est très bruyant dans la télé; il est en train de fulminer à propos de l’argent, encore une fois.

J’aime beaucoup ce livre ! J’espère que je pourrais le lire constamment.

Oh là là, l’enfant de notre voisin est en train de pleurer. Mon petit frère conduit autour du salon, en utilisant son petit vélo. Une moto arrêtée par le portail. Maman balai le sol de la salle de bain.

Voilà ! J’ai quelque chose à écrire.

Bah, je l’ai perdu, Bob l’éponge s’est mis à rire. Je suis assis sur ce sol froid, chanceux d’avoir un ventilateur électrique près de moi, peu importe la chaleur de l’air qu’il souffle. Toutes ces choses, tous les jours, dans ce petit espace de merde. Elle devient de plus en plus étroit.

Je veux me libérer de cet espace étouffant. Je veux respirer. Mais cela m’effraie de penser que peut-être, cette liberté ne peut être atteinte que dans mon dernier souffle.


Dahil may mga bagay na mas dama sa wikang Filipino.

Nahihirapan na ‘ko. Gusto ko lang namang makapagsulat at makapagbasa nang payapa, gano’n ba talaga kahirap tuparin ‘yon? Maingay si Mr. Krabs sa TV, may sinasabi nanaman tungkol sa salapi. Nako, ang ganda talaga nitong binabasa ko, sana matuluy-tuloy ko. Ay, may umiiyak na bata sa kapitbahay. Paikot-ikot si bunso, sakay ng mini-bike. May motor na tumigil sa tarangka. Nagwawalis ‘yung nanay ko sa cr. Ayan, may naisip akong isulat. Naku, biglang tumawa si Spongebob. Nakaupo ako sa semento, maswerteng may nakatutok na electric fan, kahit mainit ang buga nito. Lahat nang ‘to, araw-araw, sa iisang espasyo. Pasikip nang pasikip, natatakot na ‘ko.

Gusto kong makaalpas sa nakasasakal na espasiyong ito. Gusto kong makahinga. Pero nakakatakot isiping marahil, ‘yung kalayaang nais ko’y makakamtan lang sa oras na wala na akong hininga.

20 thoughts on “Secret Quarantine Files

  1. You’ve depicted the situation superbly Camille…. and sadly I heard about the terrible plight in Brazil, happening at the moment, with the underprivileged again being the most affected….. over a 1000 deaths a day…..!!

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    1. Aw, that’s heartbreaking! This pandemic really showed how great the gap is between the rich and poor. 💔 I hope more help comes to those in need. 🙏

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed, let us continue to be greatful for the blessings we receive and help in any way we can and pray for those who are in need. Wishing yo all the best this week! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your writing is poignant and vivid. Yes, it’s always good to count our blessings, particularly in the times we’re living in. And to have empathy. Take care 🙏

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  3. Empathy is badly needed. I have a meditation teacher who is doing live meditations on Zoom. This is what he emphasizes. He dedicates the beginning of each session to the people who are suffering, and the health care workers who are amazing heroes.

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  4. Love this! I have rambling thoughts that blurt out sometimes, and last night I told my precious wife this: “I’m gonna miss me when I’m gone!” She asked what it meant. I told her I didn’t have a clue. The words just popped into my head and out of my mouth. Your words make them whole. Just sayin’ 😁😁😁

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  5. This is my favorite part: “I have one gentle reminder though before we start reading: It doesn’t hurt to check our privilege.
    I believe that we need empathy more than anything during these difficult times.”


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