Birthday Lockdown!

My birthday cake! 💛

Almost all the world is on lockdown today and for birthday celebrants like me, it might be a unique experience. I’m kinda introverted so to be honest, I don’t usually throw parties during my birthday. Rather, I sit on a café and read a book. And that’s what exactly I did last year.

Given so, this form of isolation is not that new to me. Although of course, it is kinda “forced” due to the pandemic which inevitably has a different psychological effect on people. I mean, most of the time, we CHOOSE to be alone rather than be FORCED to do so.

Speaking of which, as I’ve mentioned, I chose to celebrate my birthday alone last year. And don’t get me wrong — I really, really enjoyed it. I just ordered food to give to my family and close relatives and then, I spent all day in the café, reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (which I haven’t finished until now lol cause as I have mentioned, Little Women was the first classic I’ve ever finished reading 😀 ) So there, I bought coffee and a piece of cake and had a capital time in the café. I remember feeling peaceful that time. ❤

However, I can say that I’m happy today. I mean, aside from just peaceful, I’M ENORMOUSLY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL. I spent the day with my family and although it was forced due to the lockdown, I enjoyed it. And I can see my parents were happy too. Aside from them, my aunts and cousins also made my day extra special. There’s fewer food that I was able to share with them due to the lockdown but it doesn’t matter. I simply feel that everybody’s happy and enjoying the day.

Perhaps, it is because of the change in perspective. It is indeed important that we have a friendly Universe.

I hope and pray that this will be a happy May! ❤

67 thoughts on “Birthday Lockdown!

    1. Indeed! After all, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, right? 🙂 cool! Happy happy birthday to you!!! Hope you have a good one!

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  1. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Camille
    Happy Birthday to You.

    From good friends and true,
    From old friends and new,
    Especially from me,
    May good luck go with you,
    And happiness too.

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    1. Merci beaucoup!!! Je l’apprécie énormément. ❤️ J’espère que vous allez bien là-bas, prenez soin de vous ! 😇

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  2. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday. I know exactly how being on one’s own can be so enjoyable. I am also an introvert and this year I was sick with glandular fever and no one wanted to catch it. They were all very sorry they didn’t visit me but I was kinda cool about it because I like being on my own.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much! Right, being alone does not really mean we’re lonely. Sometimes, the peace and quiet of staying just with ourselves is happier than spending time with others. Hehe! Oh, I hope you’re better now. Your blog is refreshing and inspiring. 🙂


  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes!
    In my childhood I was given a copy of A Tale of Two Cities but didn’t read it. Can’t remember when I actually read it, but at some time in my teens I watched the old film version with Dirk Bogarde as Sidney Carton. It might have been that that inspired me to actually read the book. Here it is on YouTube (with the added bonus of Greek subtitles!) :
    Wishing you good health and happiness throughout the year and for many, many more!

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    1. Wow, thank you so much, Josna! Haha I’ll try that one since until now, I haven’t went back to reading that book. Thanks for the link and most importantly, for your kind words. 😊

      Have a great day!!! 🌺

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  4. I have until next month for birthday plans. Last year it was a good book and a bottle of delicious French wine, actually, I didn’t drink it all but it lasted for several days. As a strong introvert and an Empath, I enjoy my time alone. However, if the cafés are reopened, that will account for some of the time or perhaps the beach? The Mediterranean is only minutes away… and there is that bottle of champagne a friend gave me several months ago that has yet to be opened. 😉

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    1. Wooaahh, that all sounds enjoyable! I know you’re looking forward to it, so have a great one! Wish you all the best in the world! ❤️

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  5. Happy belated birthday . This lockdown makes us rediscover the joy of family life and relationships. I am glad that day turned out good for you. Thank you for liking and following my blog. Best to you 😊

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  6. I am glad to see that your birthday went nicely. Each person should get to celebrate their arrival on this planet, in a way that suits. My birth month is November, antipodal to May, so I note that I am nearing a halfway mark, of sorts.

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s wonderful. My mom’s birthday is November too. Hope everything in the world is better during that time. ❤️

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  7. I’m glad to hear you had a happy birthday! Yes, being forced to do something is different than choosing to do something, for sure, but, as you pointed out, our perspective also makes all the difference.

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  8. Happy belated birthday! Your blog posts are really beautiful and hence, I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! Check out my blog for more details. I would love to read your responses to my questions upon accepting the award. Lots of love for the year ahead. 🍰


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