The Best Revenge

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.


I’ve just finished watching the first three episodes of Insatiable (Yes, that’s the Netflix series) and I think I have to stop there as inspiring thoughts are currently streaming in my consciousness. Just a headstart, I’m liking it so far because of the “life lessons” you could extract from the story.

¡¡¡ Spoiler alert !!!

Patty is a fat teenage girl who’s a laughing stock at school. When once, a homeless guy punched her, it broke her jaw and she couldn’t eat anything solid for three months. This, of course, made her way thinner. When she’s all ready to face the world again, she wants to file a case against the homeless guy.

This is where she met Bob, a lawyer who needs to regain his reputation. Upon reviewing the case, he expected to see a fat teenage girl but of course, as mentioned, Patty grew thinner. Apparently, Bob is also a pageant coach and he thought that Patty would be the perfect model of an inspiring story of a beauty queen. He plans to coach her into winning pageants and through that, finally recover from all the false accusations against him.

On the other hand, Patty, now looking gorgeous, wants to give back the pain to all the people who hurt her before. And Bob’s advice?

The best revenge is having a life well-lived.

And that, my friends, would be the thought I’d like to explore in this essay.

When we thoroughly think about it, putting revenge in our own hands would most probably just get us into trouble. We were trying to be the monster that we saw in others. If we push through it, a tingling sense of achievement would rush in our veins once we’ve accomplished our revenge. And then, what now? Our conscience might bug us or we might get addicted into doing wrong to other people. Either, is of course, problematic.

Now, here’s the thing…

I know that no matter how well we try to live or no matter how good we strive to be as a person, at some point in our lives, someone might have offended, hurt, or ruined us. I know as well that certain craving for revenge. After all, he must pay for the wrong he’s done, right?

Well, YES.

But it definitely does not have to lie in our own hands. For as I have mentioned above, it most probably will just get us into trouble. If we pushed throught the revenge, once the cause of the person’s misfortune has been identified, we now might look for ways on how to escape the blame or, we’d gladly admit to ourselves or to other people that we’ve succeeded in that dark plan. And there it would be, the sense of achievement that our plan in ruining our enemy’s life has succeeded. Now what?

You’ll just be forever haunted or addicted in making people “pay the price” in the wrong way. Truth is, a wrong doing can’t make up for another wrong doing. It will just pile up until we feel suffocated and restless from trying so hard to let others see that “all is well”. If the offense was grave, we definitely need to speak up and file a legal complaint. You see, the point is doing what is right in a given offensive situation instead of dragging yourself into self-destruction caused by revenge.

Lastly, I know that our peace of mind is priceless. We may have all the things, people, situations or circumstances that we think we want but if we do not have peace inside us, then we’ll always be insatiable. 😉

The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.

Marcus Aurelius

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