A Bottle of Smiles

Wait a minute… I want to write something today because I’m sad. I got disappointed with someone and you see, I think people usually bring out their best creative juices when they’re down. Nevertheless, in a very unexpected circumstance, I am typing right now with a smile on my face.

To the person who disappointed me (and of course, who doesn’t know that he did), thank you. I would never realize certain things had we met a while ago. I definitely found this new strength to laugh at my own foolishness (not just this time, but in general) and accept the fact that I should be a solid individual first before trying to be a part of someone else’s life.

On my way home, I told myself, “I’d clean my room”. I noticed that I have zero productivity at home; I prefer working in the library or in coffee shops. I usually just scroll through apps in my tablet until my eyes get tired and I develop a headache doing this. Worse, I’m wasting time and I feel like working on my self-destruction. Haha. So, I decided that a clean surrounding can motivate me to do productive stuff like writing.

It actually works, I guess, cause I’m writing this now here in my room. Hurray =))))

I checked my phone for a moment… and poof! Got a reply from one of my friends:

(Aw, your schedule is super tough but you can do it for sure because you’re a strong woman.)

This made me smile. It’s literally the first thing that sent an “Aaaww, how nice to hear that” thing inside me. My heart was delighted and so I continued cleaning. =))

And poof!

I saw this thing I have quite forgotten. You see, nearly two thirds of the year 2018 has passed (Oh nooo!!!) and I remember telling myself last January to always find a reason to smile, no matter what. I committed myself into finding something good that happened in a day, no matter how bad I find that day in general. I believe in this self-deception (lol joke) – I believe that focusing on the good things that happened is more beneficial for self-growth than whining over things I can’t change.

The rolled pieces of paper inside that recycled bottle contains all the things that made me smile throughout the day. I cut out square pieces of colored paper and at the end of the day, write the things I am thankful for (usually in bullets), roll the paper, and shoot it in the bottle. Sometimes, I’m surprised to see that there are numerous good things that happened throughout the day — I even have to write at the back of the paper!

It’s just so magical how at some point this afternoon, I was so sentimental about life but by the next hours, I had several reasons to smile and even laugh.

I didn’t really expect writing an article with a happy tone yet the universe seems to be generous in giving me reasons to have a good time. And so, let it be. Further, remember that no matter how disgusting your day may be, I know there’s something good (even just for a second within your whole day) that happened. Try to think about yours now.


Thank you… for not letting me chase after the wind. 💛

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