You Are The Sweetest Thing That I Know

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“Doing something wrong once is called a mistake. Twice is stupidity. Thrice is evil.”


Do you remember that homework you should have finished by now?

Friday: You told yourself it is okay to relax a bit; you have the weekends anyway.

Saturday:  You have all day anyway, so why not do it later?

Sunday: Oh my, bonding time with family and friends! How could I miss this?

Monday came and you are now going through a mini-existential crisis. You had many opportunities to finish that task but how come you’re cramming it now? Worse, you didn’t stop there. You’re going to do exactly the same for the home works to come.

I believe that the above, though common, is just a mini-example on how we repeat the same mistakes.  However, we should always take in mind that those little things build a habit that may not do us good in the future.

Let us take toxic relationships for instance. You or the other person may be the toxic one yet in any case, you must know that the best way to handle this is to LEAVE. You’ve been badly hurt once and you told yourself, “Oh, it was just a mistake; we can still fix this”. The second time around, you tried to comfort yourself with the same thought. For the third time, you know you want to end the relationship yet at the back of your mind, you’re still hoping that it could be fixed.

How could you be so stubborn? You’re only putting yourself in further chaos. I know that you know that but I just want to emphasize this ability of ours to self-destruct. And I also know that sometimes, you just really want to get out but you don’t exactly know how.

In such case, we must remember that as people, we have free will. In most cases, we have a choice. And those choices determine the situation we are in at the moment.

But do you know what I found out?

In the process of repeating the same mistakes, God gives us over to our stubborn hearts. We get tired of the situation yet we stay in it. Worse, we just let go when we are to the point of total ruins.

And in everything that I mentioned, when I compare it with my own life until recently, I can say that I am stupid. No, I’m evil. Evil for repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

In becoming such, I hated myself. I don’t know how to stop this addiction of staying in a harmful situation. I couldn’t redeem myself but fortunately, there is Someone who’s willing to do it for me.

It feels like there’s no “too late to say sorry” moment for this One. In fact, He’s not even angry at me. I turned to Him, apologized, asked for help and He instantly cleared my mind. He lifted the burden I’ve been carrying for so long.

Do you have that friend who doesn’t get tired of listening to all your drama? He doesn’t get tired even if you whine for the same issue for 5 or maybe 10 years? Even if you say it’s over then he’s going to see you again, trying hard to make that hopeless situation work? And then, when it’s finally over, he’s going to be there, helping you each day to pick up the broken pieces called “you”.

To me and many others, the Lord is that friend.

And this write-up is inspired by His message for me today:

In your helplessness you called and I rescued you… If only you would listen to Me and follow My ways, how quickly would I deliver you from that situation!

I haven’t even contacted this Friend of mine for a long time. I deserve to be scolded yet look at how He responded.

All the glory and honor goes to You, my Lord. Thank You for being only one call away. Thank you for making me realize that I deserve to live a life that I could be proud of.

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