My Redeemer Lives!

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Thank You, Lord, for making me beautiful. Thank You for adorning me with elegance and showering blessings upon blessings in my life. Thank You for being faithful when here I am again, a great sinner before You, who turned my back to wander in this vast universe.

On my journey, I used Your blessings to please the world. I sold myself to them when I am already owned by You.

What good then did it do to me? NOTHING. I was the one who paid yet I got nothing in return. I have exhausted myself over things that harm me. Such stupidity!

Then I finally get it: I cannot do things on my own! Who am I to shoulder all the madness of this world?

Fortunately, when all else failed, You were there. How unfathomable Your goodness is and how immeasurable my stupidity and hardheadedness was.

This question haunted me then: Why do we push away the One who loves us the most?

Personally, I realized that I myself have inflicted the pain and suffering I have gone through. I unconsciously chose to be hurt. How stupid am I to despise the One who truly cares for me!

And so, an endless gratitude and praise to You who never left – who embraced me when I deserve to be judged, who lent a helping hand when I deserve to be slapped, who listened when I deserve to be snubbed.

Thank You for making me see my worth.

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